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Towards a Fuller Understanding of Kundalini

A personal view
KUNDALINI - (Sanskrit kund, "to burn"; kunda, "to coil or to spiral") a concentrated field of intelligent, cosmic invisible energy absolutely vital to life; beginning in the base of the spine when a man or woman begins to evolve as wisdom is earned. Kundalini has been described as liquid fire and liquid light. The ultimate outcome of kundalini is the union of Will (sakti- kundalini), Knowledge {prana-kundalini) and Action (para- kundalini)

Musings on the Caduceus

Interestingly the word pineal stems from the word pineus for pinecone although the pineal gland is about the size of a grain of rice. The Thyrsus is a staff tipped with a pinecone and twined with ivy, carried by Dionysus, his revelers, and satyrs. Dionysus represents the God of the metamorphic process of spiritual death and rebirth; the most mysterious human experience ever to be encountered. Dionysus must have been the first God of Kundalini for he carries a Thyrsus. Whether it signifies the pineal gland or not, it is obvious that the pinecone represents the "flowering" of consciousness. The pinecone is reminiscent of the thousand petalled crown chakra--the Sahasrara, and the ivy represents the double-helical flow of kundalini around the central channel of the spine--the sushumna. This symbol is perhaps a more ancient version of the staff of Hermes--the Caduceus, which used in alchemical and esoteric schools and now the medical industry.
An occult description of the Caduceus of Hermes (Mercury) is that the serpents represent positive and negative charges of kundalini as it moves through the chakras and around the spine (the staff) to the head where conscious perception occurs, the domain of Mercury the messenger. The wings of Hermes represent consciousness or Spirit. The "flow" signifies consciousness and perception--for no flow, means no lifeforce. Spiritual evolution is an ever increasing relationship with the neutral ground between the play of opposites. The Trinity is also observable in the caduceus: the helix is the Son (matter), the staff is the Father (zero-point ground) and the wings are the Holy Ghost (tangible perception of spirit).
The staff is analogous of the stiffened spine when kundalini passes through the central channel, but it can also represent zero-point, the neutral ground between the orgonotic superimposition of the positive and negative charges. Cosmic superimposition being the mutual merger of two opposing energy streams; thus you could say its the place where the male and female become one. This neutral zone (staff) only comes into being through the dance of the poles/sexes/hemispheres. The "appearance" of matter, energy and Mind from the Void is generated from this dance. (see more on this in Biological Relation To Zero-Point Energy.)

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