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The Mangalwadi Connection

I recall Vishal Mangalwadis  critical book of the World of Gurus, and to a point it was worthwhile, and interesting to read . RS

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Vishal Mangalwadi (born 1949) is a Christian editor,[1] social reformer[2] and writer, born and brought up in India and writes and delivers lecturers on Christianity and contemporary influence of Christianity on modern civilisation.



[edit]Early life

[edit]Education and Career

Vishal Mangalwadi studied Philosophy in India and abroad.[citation needed] He is also recognised as a Christian Theologian at Himalayan L'Abri Resource Center, US.[3]

[edit]Writer and lecturer

He is a columnist and author of 13 books. His fist book The World of Gurus is serialised during 1977 in Sunday, one of the leading weeklys of India, (to which M. J. Akbar was the editor [4]) and the book was also studied as a textbook in India.[citation needed] He has given lectures at several places like Washington[5] on Christianity related topics.[1] He is also recognised as one of the Biblical scholars of India.[1]

[edit]Books published

  • The Book that Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization (2011)[6]
  • Truth and Transformation: A Manifesto for Ailing Nations (2009)[6]
  • Spirituality of Hate: A Futuristic Perspective on Indo-Pakistan Conflict (2002)
  • The Quest for Freedom and Dignity: Caste, Conversion, and Cultural Revolution (2001)
  • Burnt Alive: The Staines and the God They Loved — with Vijay Martis, M.B. Desai, Babu K. Verghese and Radha Samuel (2000)
  • Why Must You Convert? (1999)
  • Corruption Vs. True Spirituality — with Francis Schaeffer (1998)[6]
  • India: The Grand Experiment (1997)[6]
  • Missionary Conspiracy: Letters to a Postmodern Hindu (1996)[6]
  • What Liberates a Woman?: The Story of Pandita Ramabai — A Builder of Modern India —with Nicol McNicol (1996)
  • The Legacy of William Carey: A Model for the Transformation of a Culture —with Ruth Mangalwadi (1993)[6]
  • In Search of Self: Beyond the New Age; also titled When the New Age Gets Old: Looking for a Greater Spirituality (1992)[6]
  • Truth and Social Reform (1989)[6]
  • The World of Gurus (1977)[6]
  • Dear Rajan: Letters to a New Believer (1972)
  • William Carey and the regeneration of India(1977) with Ruth Mangalwadi and Dorrow L.Miller[6]

[edit]Book reviews

'The World of Gurus "This volume examines the social and historical backtround, the intellectural impuses and the religious intellectual impules and the religious and cultural aspirations of humanity that have produced the institution of gurudom" - The Companion.[7]


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