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Harjit Chitavni Part One

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Copyright August 2010 Sant Harjit Singh Sandhu -
Dear Readers,
The following is the paraphrased translation of "Harjit Chitavni -
Part One", and which can be found on Vimeo at:
When you arrive at Vimeo, the password is BFF.  Please be mindful that
they are intended for sincere Adhikaris (persons with sincere interest
in the themes).
Baba Faqir is, essentially, basing His Satsangs on the Sant Kabir
phrases that are being sung by an attending Satsangi.
The following text is highly paraphrased and touching on the
highlights of what He speaks about.
Das & Peace,

00:00 –
What is bhajan?  It is Simran.  What, exactly, is Simran?  It isn’t
three stripes on forehead and it isn’t mala beads.
00:40 –
You will find sadhus who fast and seem to worship God – but they
aren’t performing bhajan.  Bhajan isn’t outer accouterments and
03:01 –
Simran is bhajan – but Simran isn’t complete until you have in your
mind what you are worshipping.
04:47 –
 I (Baba Faqir) was roaming in the jungle and I met a sadhu.  I don’t
know if the sadhu actually existed or was a creation of my mind.  The
sadhu asked of me, “Why are you roaming?”  I replied that I
wanted to meet Ram (God).  The sadhu said, “Your God is already
here.”  Then the sadhu just gave me to Sant Mat.
When I read Sant Kabir’s writings, I saw that He criticized all other
Mats (paths).  And during this time I swore that I would walk on the
Sant Mat path with all of my heart.  And whatever knowledge I gained,
I would tell the public.
04:31 –
My preceptor, Data Dayal Maharishi Shiv Brat Lal Ji, gave me three
04:39 –
The first duty was, “Whoever is not happy in this world, you must hug
him and take him to the Guru.
People are not very happy, and you need to show them the Light and
take them to the Guru.”
5:00 –
The second duty was stated to be, “You are here for the sole purpose
to do well for people and help people walk in the path of Guru – you
are not an extraordinary man, and your main purpose is to pass on the
Light of Guru to the entire world.”
The third duty was stated to be, “To give Satsangs and give people
prasad so their problems in life would be solved.”
I don’t charge any money for Satsangs.  In my will I wrote that the
temple, and my own house, are properties to which I don’t have any
rights, nor do my children have any rights to those properties.
Also described in this section – People came to me and said, “Babaji,
give me prasad so we can have children.”  And many people then had
7:18 –
I gave a woman from Indore prasad in the form of a mango.  She
eventually took it, and her child, to a doctor and told the doctor,
who had once told her that she would never have children, “I received
this prasad from Babaji and this is the child I have since birthed.”
08:05 –
Even though prasad worked for many who had been childless, it didn’t
work when I did the same for my own daughter.  So, it is your own
faith and your luck that, ultimately, ‘causes’ the prasad to be
12:56 –
When people come to Satsang, they don’t come to learn Guru’s Path, or
to reach their True Home – they come to get rid of problems, they come
for prasad and the like.  They’re not coming for Emancipation.  So,
Kabir is saying, “The True Home is very good.  But people only go
there when they are very devoted.”
14:28 –
People come to Satsangs and Gurus to ask for something – but you won’t
find your true path, or Guru, until you come to give.  I used to give
whatever I had to my guru.
14:38 –
You’ll find your true Guru in the Satsang.  Your true guru will be
sitting with you in the Satsang.
17:04 –
There are Sikhs present.  I always ask Sikhs a question.  I tell them
they are betraying Guru Nanak.  They have asked, “How?”  I have
answered, “You have no enemies, no friends, says Guru Nanak, and yet
you are fighting everyone.”  Also, if you say that Guru Nanak was Guru
of Sikhs, that statement is wrong.  He was a Guru of entire mankind.
20:13 –
I am a bubble of that Supermost Consciousness.  If I was, personally,
that Supermost Consciousness, I could cure the entire world, any self-
disease or other’s disease, and most probably would.  Kabir, too,
wasn’t able to cure his own disease, so he wasn’t, personally, that
Supermost Consciousness.  (Editor’s note :  Conclusion – the most any
of us as a human can be, is a bubble of the Supermost Consciousness).
22:55 –
When you’re sleeping and you have some bad dreams, you get scared and
wake up.  You don’t have control of dreams.  These dreams are all
previous lives and things that have happened to you.  So, you should
control your activities during the day – life, in general – because
all these activities will go with you.
25:34 –
One of my friend’s son lived in Iraq.  The son was thinking about me
and he seemed to instinctually know that my wife had translated from
the earth.  He queried his father about that instinct and his father
confirmed that it was true. (This occurred in the year 1935).
To work and become a Guru is a very tough job.  People always think
about you, and whatever the Guru is thinking about will go into your
26:38 –
Appearing to speak directly to Sant Harjit – “You spent money on my
fare from Delhi, to London, and back to Delhi, so it is my duty to
tell honestly of my experiences.”
Sant Mat is not for people who go to Satsang and ask for things –
things to fix their life.
27:53 –
Whatever things you do, you should think about them.  Whenever you
plan to have a child, think about the child.  If the parents are drunk
when they conceive a child, how can they expect to have a happy child,
or a child that will be of benefit to the society, as well?
I have written a motto in my temple:  Mothers are the maker of the
nation.  Leaders don’t build nations, mothers build nations.
When the child is in the mother’s stomach, whatever thoughts the
mother has, goes directly to the child – that is why mothers make the
29:27 –
Akhar was once emperor of the Moghul empire.  When he was in the womb,
his mother used to draw maps on paper and proclaim that her son would
be ruler of the entire land.  And, eventually, he was ruler of the
entire land.
30:11 –
My father was a constable of the railway station.  My mother used to
go to the railway station and look at the constables dressed up very
nicely in their suits.  She dreamed when she had a son, he would be a
railway station constable dressed up in a very nice suit, too.  And I
did become a constable of a railway station.
31:25 –
There is the example of Arjun in the Bhagavad Gita story.  Arjun
listened to eleven Satsangs, and he still went to hell.  Until you
practice the things you hear in Satsang, the Satsang won’t help you.
People read books, but reading won’t cause the ultimate help.
In England, I visited Hindus homes where they all ate beef.  I asked,
“You are Hindu and yet you still eat beef?”  Bad thoughts passed to
child from what the mother ate – that’s why their children ate meat.
34:08 –
I had a Sikh friend who frequently told me about his troublesome
wife.  When he would arrive home from work, his wife would frequently
complain of stomach aches, so she didn’t have to cook dinner, and this
would cause her husband to have to prepare the dinner.  And she was
faking the stomach aches.  I told the friend she is not doing good and
one day she would be punished by God for her troublemaking, and she
would lose her son.
One day my friend came to me and told me that his son had died of
pneumonia.  And I told him that it was because of his wife that his
son had died.
36:43 –
The same friend was eventually blessed with the birth of a daughter.
But the infant cried non-stop.  The doctor said the child appeared to
be perfectly fine, and that maybe during her birth something was
wrong, and she was still crying in response.
On further questioning, my friend revealed that a nanny had been
present since the child’s birth, and that two days before the child
was born, the nanny’s brother had died.  The nanny had been crying
since learning of her brother’s death, and I told him that the child
was crying in response to the nanny’s emotional state, as well.
39:55 –
There was an experiment once performed by doctors.  They placed dying
patients on a large scale and then would measure how much weight
appeared to be lost when the patient passed away.  And they eventually
recorded various numbers – five grams, twenty grams, etc.  But the
soul doesn’t have any weight.  What really happened is the heaviness
of the person’s thoughts vanished when the person passed away.
S/He would be thinking of family, or the Guru’s physical frame, the
temple, etc.  The more s/he thought about physically embodied
entities, the more heavy becomes the encumbered soul, even though of
itself, the soul is weightless.
A soul encumbered with many, or intense, physically embodied thoughts,
concerns, etc., is, for a time, captured by the earth’s gravitational
pull.  The force of the earth’s gravitation won’t let go of the soul.
40:44 –
A dying person may have given a lot of donations, or worshipped God.
But if s/he’s loving his Guru’s physical frame, or the temple where s/
he worshipped, then his soul won’t leave that area very immediately.
Mentions the Beas Gurus, Sant Kirpal Singh and Nirankari Gurus –
mentions He doesn’t agree with some of the philosophies purported by
these Gurus.
People who donate money to Gurus for good, often think they’ll get
something good in return.  Always do good wherever you can, but don’t
have expectations.  If you expect fruits, you will have to be re-born
to reap the fruits.
End of video “Harjit Chitavni – Part One”

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