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Harjit Chitavni Part Three

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Dear Readers,
The following is the paraphrased translation of "Harjit Chitavni -
Part Three", and which can be found on Vimeo at:
When you arrive at Vimeo, the password is BFF.  Please be mindful that
they are intended for sincere Adhikaris (persons with sincere interest
in the themes).
Baba Faqir is, essentially, basing His Satsangs on the Sant Kabir
phrases that are sung by an attending Satsangi.
The following text is highly paraphrased and touching on the
highlights of what He speaks about.
Das & Peace,
Harjit Chitavni – Part Three
Editor’s note:  No times were written down for some time in this
video, as I didn’t know I would, ultimately, be taking comprehensive
notes, and didn’t think of the tracking the time initially.  We worked
on this video first.
So, until times appear, the transcribed and paraphrased text will be
separated by paragraphs.
Start of Part Three –
Good karma and bad karma – the entire burden of good and bad karma,
goes with us when we drop our physical bodies.
There was a man who was an astrologer.  A spiritual guide told him the
big tumor on his back was because of a one hundred dollar debt from a
past life.  The man had borrowed the money from someone, and never
bothered to re-pay it.
The spiritual guide then tells the astrologer that he would find a man
in the city of Lahore, who was studying medical science and whose
first name would start with the letter ‘A’, and conveyed, as well, the
date he would find this specific man.  And when he found this man, he
was to give to him one hundred dollars.  When he did, his past life
debt for the same amount would be considered paid.
Later, in the city of Lahore, the astrologer finds a man studying to
be a family doctor, and who is named Agyaram.  He explains what his
spiritual advisor told him and pays Agyaram one hundred dollars.
The medical student then applies a lotion to the tumor on the
astrologer’s back.  In a mere two days time, the tumor vanished.
But then the astrologer felt he owed for the treatment itself, since
the debt originally wasn’t in relation to any kind of exchange.  He
didn’t have any money, so he cast a horoscope for the medical
student.  And the medical student, Agyaram, found the horoscope to be
quite valid and true to events thereafter.
Like small children who start stealing early in life and in contrast
to an opposite case, for example, children who are born saints…
whatever you do in your life, good and bad, goes with you when you
translate from the physical plane.
I didn’t acquire this knowledge from any books, or from someone else’s
words.  It is my own experience.
About six months back, I had a dream.  I was given food in the dream,
which had meat in it.  When I woke up, I thought about the fact that I
don’t eat meat or eggs, so why would I experience such a dream?
I soon understood that one time, in the 1920’s, I was going to Bhagdad
on a train.  I told the housekeeper that I was vegetarian, so I should
only be served vegetarian food.  The man brought a plate that had
vegetables and beans (dhaal) for me.  But the beans had fish mixed in
it.  I asked why was there fish in my food when I had asked for
vegetarian food?  The man answered, “We consider fish as vegetarian
I reacted in anger and threw the food on the floor.  Fifty years
later, I had a dream that was a result of that anger.
There is a very famous saying, “Marriages are made in heaven.”  It is
true.  Whomever is your wife, husband, or family, were related to you
in a past life.
10:36 –
A father in Dehli was unable to provide much dowry for his daughter,
and he was quite worried about this fact.  But one day the daughter
had a dream that a wealthy man would arrive from the U.S.A., and while
he was in Amritsar, he would read an advertisement in the paper, one
the Delhi father had placed regarding his daughter.  And the man would
very much like what he read of the woman described and he would arrive
in Dehli to ask for her hand in marriage.
After this did, in fact, take place, the wealthy man soon informed his
parents of his desire to marry the young woman.  But the parents,
despite the fact that their son was wealthy, insisted on asking for a
dowry.  And when the father admitted that he had no dowry for his
daughter, the parents said they would not approve the wedding.
The wealthy man then appealed to me (Baba Faqir) for advice.  I told
the man to go to the Dehli court, marry the young woman, and bypass
any wedding ceremonies.  And that he should then take her with him
back to the U.S.A.
When his parents heard who had given him this advice, they capitulated
and decided that they approved of his marriage to the young woman,
after all.
The young woman the wealthy, Amritsar man married was, also, his wife
in a past life.  This life is greatly determined by our karma from a
past life.  Sant Kabir has said so, as well.
If you want freedom from this whole process of re-birth, the only way
is to leave all these relationships.  Freedom is moksha.
12:25 –
The singer sings Kabir phrases and Baba Faqir says he will now
describe how we can have Moksha.
14:00 –
Baba Faqir points at his third eye as he starts to speak:   This whole
world is a kind of sea.  A True Guru is one that helps you get out of
the sea of karmas, re-birth, etc.
17:15 –
Baba Faqir then, generally, describes the allegory of ‘Hanging in the
Gallows’:   If a person has only a rope around his/her neck, and kicks
the stool out from underneath his/her feet, the person has no support
but the rope itself.  This is the way a person ‘obtains’ Moksha.
Dropping all supports of mind when meditating, for example.
19:50 –
The way to your True Home is to leave all supports of relationships
and find a True Living Guru.  She or He will show you the path to
reach your True Home.
22:24 –
To go to your True Home, leave all supports and have only one support
– the rope that will hang you.  You need stairs to get to the rope and
your Guru-Dev vehicle is the stairs that you climb to reach the rope.
(Editor’s note:  It is highly hoped that inserting this isn’t
necessary, but in case anyone should desire to take this literally,
such a thing would never  take you to your True Home and only cause
the opposite case.  Guaranteed, it would only cause the opposite
case.  Please be sensible when reading this kind of allegory, and
realize that no reaction to it, at all, other than understanding what
it actually means, is a good sign of even-mindedness, and truly
attenuated attraction-aversion).
26:00 –
All the people in this world are stuck in their bodies and not coming
to the state where they can find Truth.  The reasons for this is
because of the will to survive, the will to be married, have children,
succeed in life, etc.
(Editor’s note:  In the above paragraph, Baba Faqir is describing the
constantly flowing, outwardly directed energy that so often prevents
us from truly internalizing.  That’s why for meditation purposes, He
describes the general ‘Hanging in the Gallows’ approach – in order to
impress the meditating soul that it is the reverse of all those
energies we are seeking to enhance in meditation, without ever
literalizing any harm, whatsoever, to the human body, or it’s ability
to allow us to perform all duties and functions at optimum
31:47 –
There is a Friend who calls to you, pulls you from your body to your
True Home, and that is the Shabad.  Some call it Wahe Guru, OM, Holy
Spirit, The Father, Christ, HU, Allah, etc.
32:51 –
To go into this path, is very tough.  It is not easy.  There are very
few people walking this path (the one of seeking True Emancipation).
How to make it easier?  To make it easier, you should have a True
Living Guru-Dev vehicle.
33:42 –
How will Shabad help you following the path?  Wahe Guru, Ram,
Radhasoami (or whatever your chosen mantra is) – recite silently all
the time in your mind.  This is worshipping Shabad all the time in
your mind.
34:18 –
When you do this, you will eventually forget that you are in a body.
34:54 –
In performing this (Simran), we forget we are in a body.  Concentrate
on the Word, the path – prevent mind from seeing dreams and
concentrate on Shabad.
34:57 –
Never treat your Guru-Dev vehicle as a human being.  Just consider Him
as a Guru.  When a child sees his Mother, Father, sister, brother, or
any other relation, he sees entities with which he has a relationship
and he sees ‘specifics’.  But always see your Guru as a Guru.
35:50 –
An alcoholic enjoys alcohol because it stops his mind from roaming,
here, there, everywhere.  That’s how we should enjoy worshipping the
Shabad.  In a way that absorbs our mind and eventually prevents it
from roaming.
36:57 –
(More singing of Sant Kabir phrases, to which Baba Faqir responds) –
Sant Kabir says there is a force that brings us here, one that takes
us up to that place, and a force that will keep us up there.

40:04 –
The state of mind from ‘there to here’ is our desires.  It is our
desires which brought us here.  The Shabad will take us back there.
40:06 –
Your  True God is your Shabad.  What is your True Home? It is when you
forget yourself and become absorbed into that Shabad.  That state is
very tough.  It can come after three months, three days, fifteen
days.  The maximum amount of time I have been able to stay there to
date is one and a half minutes.
Another example of absorbed is this:   when you put sugar in milk,
there is no more sugar crystals.  They blend with the milk.  In a
similar way, we become absorbed in Shabad.
42:17 –
In that state, you forget yourself – in the absorbed state.  There is
nothing within you in the absorbed state.  Ego finishes – ‘I’
finishes.  (Ahamkara finishes).
42:59 –
The person who ‘obtains’ that state – for him or her, the whole
process of re-birth finishes.  Who ‘obtains’ this?  The person who
worships Shabad with true love and devotion.
How is a person born?  Inside the womb of his mother.  A seed of the
father goes into the womb.  How does the seed form in the father?
Because he has food.  Semen grows because he has food.  Food grows
because of sunlight rays.  The body is actually transformed sunlight.
End of “Harjit Chitavni – Part Three”.

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