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Harjit Chitavni Part Two

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Dear Readers,
The following is the paraphrased translation of "Harjit Chitavni -
Part Two", and which can be found on Vimeo at:
When you arrive at Vimeo, the password is BFF.  Please be mindful that
they are intended for sincere Adhikaris (persons with sincere interest
in the themes).
Baba Faqir is, essentially, basing His Satsangs on the Sant Kabir
phrases that are sung by an attending Satsangi.
The following text is highly paraphrased and touching on the
highlights of what He speaks about.
Das & Peace,
Harjit Chitavani – Part 2
00:00 -
Most of the people of the world pray to God and worship the Creator,
but when it comes to Sant Mat, you have to worship the Sant. (Editor's
note:  In Baba Faqir's teachings this would not be the physical
embodiment of the Sant).

01:25 -
When I first heard this idea, I thought that Sants don't have any
right to make such a claim.

02:13 -
Sant Mat defines this entire world into two worlds - Kaal and Maya.
And I will now explain Kaal and Maya.
What is Kaal?  Wherever there is activity, you cannot expect peace and
harmony.  This entire world is activity, so peace and harmony doesn't
happen within it.
04:34 -
I am trying to explain Sant Mat and you are not fit for it at this
time.  And I wasn't either.  But you will be fit for it later.
Let's compare the entire world to a battery.  Then we can say that the
world is formed of three things.  One is resistance, the other is
current and the third is electro-motor-force (or the source of the
(Editor's note:  The following is taken from "Atam Gian Part 3" --
"I again turn to the example of a battery. Each circuit of a battery
carries separate currents. The source remains the same whereas the
working of each circuit and its current differs from each other. Our
physical body is a microcosm of this universe (`as brahmanda so
pinda'). This universe is controlled and governed by the Supreme
Energy, whereas our body is controlled and governed by a current of
that Supreme Energy."
05:10 -
Sant Kabir calls the source of the current (or electro-motor-force)
Anami Purush and Guru Nanak called it Akal Purush.  The world and it's
accompanying universes is a circle of Kaal, like the circuits in a
battery.  The circle of Kaal is very strange as it keeps on running
and running.
06:01 -
The world is a giant wheel of Kaal.  All people are very busy with
activities and riding this wheel of Kaal.  Even the stars, sun and
moon are busy riding in the world of Kaal.  Even the blood of the body
is busy with activity; the activity of Kaal Purush, the Creator.
07:16 -
All people are in action and they cannot expect peace.  Peace can't
come to people in action.
08:06 -
We are all riding the giant wheel.  We die and take birth on this
wheel.  And like the current continues, all the activity continues.
9:45 -
No one was saved from entering and riding within this circle, or
wheel.  Not even the Creator was lucky enough to be saved from riding
on this circle.  (Meaning, there aren't some who were spared from the
wheel, while others weren't).
11:00 -
We meet and we separate from people - that is the nature of this
12:00 -
Person may be a Saint, may be a normal (average) human being, or a
priest.  As long as s/he's in the circle of Kaal, there is no peace.
12:56 -
Here is an example - the sun's rays evaporate water from the sea,
which often forms clouds.  The clouds rain, the rain freezes, and
becomes snow.  The snow melts and eventually finds it's way back to
the sea, via rivers and such.
13:45 -
We are all seeing this - the water rising, falling, and we are
watching with open eyes.  We know what is happening, and we have no
choice but to be involved in it.
Another example is that of waste products.  Much of the food we eat
transforms to waste products, which then feeds more food products
which are growing.  And we then consume those products.  Like the
continual recycling of water, it is a constant circling, or wheel-like
process, that we see ever revolving in the Kaal Purush worlds.
15:45 -
You've called me here and I feel like it is my responsibilty to tell
you about Sant Mat.  Renowned Saints will convey senseless kinds of
things sometimes, and then you'll find an uneducated person who will
make more sense.
Overall, many people in the Kaal worlds are deeply stuck in karma.
And the behaviors they repeat make it difficult for them to ever get

End of "Harjit Chitavni - Part Two".


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