Monday, 22 July 2013

The Unimaginable God..and the Brahma Kumaris Cosmology

 The knowledge of God is to detect the unimaginable God through the imaginable medium. If both God and medium are unimaginable, then it means both are non-existent.

If the medium is also unimaginable like the God entering it, then, you can never detect God. This results in the total non-existence of God. The medium must be imaginable, which is the basis for projecting the unimaginable nature unlike the other imaginable media, which project only the imaginable nature. The alive wire gives shock indicating the existence of electricity in it. Similarly, the imaginable medium containing God projects the unimaginable nature of God indicating the existence of unimaginable God. If the wire is also unseen like the unseen electricity, then, there is no basis for detecting the existence of unseen electricity. This means that there is no wire and no electricity. Similarly, if the medium is also unimaginable, there is no basis for the existence of unimaginable God to be indicated through imaginable medium. Therefore, for the projection of the existence of unimaginable God, the existence of imaginable medium is essential and this is the reason for creating this imaginable world through which only the unimaginable God can be detected. Such detection of unimaginable God in a specific imaginable medium is called as the knowledge of God or Brahmajnaanam.

An alternative framework used by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization to depict the world and the regions beyond describes 3 components as follows:

THE PHYSICAL WORLD - Corporeal World
This world is a vast amphitheatre of action in which embodied souls play their respective and various parts. Planet Earth exists in an extremely tiny portion of the physical universe and is governed by well-defined physical, chemical and biological laws.

In India, the world which we inhabit is called "karma kshetra" (the field of action), because it is here that we sow the seeds of actions and reap their fruits. It is here that the soul takes on flesh and bones and expresses the role that it has latent within itself, causing variations in the material environment. The state of the material world at any given moment is a direct reflection of the state of consciousness of the human beings which inhabit it. If there is peace and harmony within the soul this is reflected in nature. If there is conflict and confusion, nature responds accordingly.

It is a world of three dimensions of space and one of time. Its principal characteristics are sound, movement, colour and form. On this immense stage of deserts, forests, mountains and seas, illuminated by the sun, moon and stars, the drama of existence is enacted. In the drama, the actor-souls are subject to dualities; from pleasure to pain, birth to death, purity to impurity, happiness to sorrow, new to old, positive to negative; the vast pageant of history crawls along as indefatigable time devours all. A point is finally reached when the process is renewed and all souls and the elements of matter themselves move back to their points of origin, only to start again.

The Regions Beyond
Beyond the limits of this vast expanse of the solar system and galaxies there are regions of non-material light. They are not reached by any physical means because it is simply not a question of light years or kilometres. They are regions which "transcend" the physical plane and therefore can only be experienced through divine vision, perceivable to the "third eye". Through deep meditation the soul can "travel" to these regions and experience the bliss of being free from the limits of anything earthly.

These regions are like three subtle "layers" around the physical plane which are absolutely necessary for the roles of creation, its sustenance and the destruction of that which is old and impure. Thus they have an important part in world transformation (this part will be explained in - The Human World Tree). Those who have the gift of divine trance are able to have a vision of these regions. Such souls see the scenes much in the manner as one experiences a dream, yet much more vividly. Since the bodies there are of light and not matter, there is movement but no sound. The scenes seen in trance are like silent movies in which communication is by gesture and thought.

Further beyond the subtle regions is another region. It is pervaded by golden-red, divine light, which is the sixth element called "brahm". It is the region from which all souls have descended onto this earth. The conscient entities, the souls, have neither bodies of matter nor bodies of light. There exists neither thought, word nor action; just complete stillness, silence and peace. Just as this world occupies a tiny part of this physical universe, so too the souls occupy just a tiny portion of this infinite golden-red light.

This is the highest region, the original home of souls and the Supreme Soul, God. This is the region which human beings, irrespective of culture or religion, have tried to reach in thoughts, prayers, etc.. It is called Heaven by Christians. Nirvana by Buddhists, Shantidham, Paramdham or Brahmand by Hindus. Before I came to this earth, I was there with all other souls, my brothers. The experience of complete and utter peace, purity and silence is there in my sweet home. There the soul is untainted by matter. Souls abide there as star-like points of light. They remain dormant, with their roles in the physical world merged or latent within them.

The souls stay in the soul world in well-defined groups. They descend onto this earth in a certain chronological order, according to the quality of sanskaras. At the apex of this configuration of souls is the Supreme Soul, whom the other souls call God, Allah, Jehovah, Shiva, etc. Beneath Him the souls are positioned numberwise according to their degree of similarity to God. Depending on the quality and the part the soul has to play, it emerges in the human world, taking the body of a developing baby in a mother's womb. It then continues through the cycle of birth and rebirth according to the role that it has. When the parts are over, souls again return to this world of light, peace, liberation and complete purity.

The deep rest the soul has had in the "home" has such an effect on it that even though it forgets the details about that world, there is always the impetus to search for that peace and silence when it becomes lost and confused in the world of matter. In that supreme region only, souls remain in their completely original, natural state, which can be experienced through Raja Yoga meditation.

Perhaps others here have additional frameworks they would also like to share.